Land Rover LHD USA Exportable


Model:130 Dender LHD USA Exportable
Variant:LHD 300tdi USA Exportable
Colour:NAS British Racing Green Metallic
Gearbox:R380 5 Speed Manual

400 Hour Refurb Programme 


NAS British Racing Green Metallic


Genuine Factory LHD 300tdi 130, we purchased the base vehicle from a warm dry climate, Good sound base vehicles are not easy and nor cheap to find. If you intend to carry out a higher end refurb then its essential to pay the higher price and start with a good genuinely solid base truck. 


This vehicle has been under refurb over an 12 month period, having just finished, Having over 30 years experience in restorations and over 20years in Land Rovers it is not possible to rush a higher end refurb and keep to a quality detail (just getting hold of quality parts and rare parts all take time), Our vehicles are carefully selected and refurbished and presented to a very high standard. 


We see vehicles that look similar for far less yet described as the best standard !!!!! not possible !!!!, You Simply Get what you pay for. 


Stripped to a bare rolling shell, including all doors stripped out for new skins, remove the entire dash board, removed seat box and floor pans, removed roof and sides, simply pretty much a rolling chassis, detailed engine service including cam belt, new radiator and flushed intercooler, all steering joints , brakes , suspension bearings all stripped and checked replacing worn components beyond service, prop joints oils seals brake lines etc. Paintwork cost £8500 and finished in NAS British Racing Green Metallic, The body all reassembled with new bolts and stainless outer bolt kit and footwells where available, new genuine Land Rover Rubbers (spent over £850 on genuine rubbers), this is why the doors shut nicely and seal, new fur window channels, new door handle and seals, new mirror arms genuine Land Rover, new wipers, new hinge gaskets, 2015 spec headliner, (genuine headliner clips cost £120), seats genuine Land Rover XS Fronts, (awaiting retrim XS Second row from Exmoor,  again no expense spared). New Heavy Duty 265  AllTerain Tyres, Genuine 130 deep dish rims, all 5 professionally refurbished at central wheel. The Build Up commands hours and hours to source quality parts and keep to a high detail quality. 


The rear seat system has been designed in 3mm gauge Aluminium bolted in over the wheel arch, with a Genuine Land Rover Rear Vinyl Bench and seat belt,  this can be removed if you wish after export to comply within the Station Wagon Duty around 2.5%. 


I have available on request high resolution photos, over 100 of them on file, i will happily take any close up specific area on request. 


We can arrange and handle USA Shipping and Customs Clearance.