Land Rover


Model:110 200tdi County Station Wagon
Variant:LHD 200Tdi
Gearbox:LT 85 5 Speed

Factory LHD 110 200 tdi. 1990

Completely original throughout, Condition is exceptional, rot free chassis and bulkhead and no welded obvious welded repairs evident. Completely remarkable condition.  

Interior is as it left the factory and exceptional condition.  

We have mechanically prepared the vehicle through our workshops going through suspension / brakes / steering joints etc replacing worn parts. Full camblet service and levels.  

Ready for export and daily driving.  

To find vehicles in this exceptional original factory condition is far from frequent now and becoming ever challenging.  

The vehicle comes with original hand books / dealer binder (includes service history book)/ original tool kit. 

We can arrange shipping and handle customs clearance.