Exporting & Procedure

Here at Manor House Automobiles exporting forms over 40% of our company sales.

We have experience in exporting to :-

We export to the USA on a monthly basis and often twice a month.

To briefly explain the export procedure to the USA as this is our main export market. Most ports will received a ro-ro service with all of them receiving a container service.

For export to the USA in particular there are several points you must be aware of

The vehicle you are looking at exporting needs to be a minimum of 25 years of age and accurate to the month of build. Vehicles 25 years and over have classic status and are DOT exempt and nor do they need to comply with EPA regulations. The vehicles also need to be to original factory specification as they left the factory (engine conversions etc are not accepted). The vehicles we export to the USA are 100% original specification and have been fully VIN decoded.

Shipping Options

We will handle the shipping and export process and deliver the vehicle to the door of your chosen port. From there you will need to appoint a customs broker (we can assist you with this). As a second option we offer a door to door service and handle all the fee’s / clearance and delivery to your front door, this process from leaving the UK port to arriving at your front door is around a 4 week process. A very convenient and hassle free way of buying a true British Icon. As a third option we work very closely with Green Mountain Rovers GMR Imports VT based, you can purchase through GMR and arrange collection from them giving you a piece of mind that the vehicle is cleared and in the USA prior to making a balance payment. Your questions and enquiries are most welcome. Emails are always a good way of contacting us and a way of working around the time differences.